September 28, 2007


          How did we get here?  Faith….. that’s it…. Faith to take life one day at a time and believe that whatever we face, God in His infinite wisdom knew we would be here and He has provision for us for every day that we live in the earth.  I believe He is preparing a bride…. a Church without spot or wrinkle…… a glorious church that knows how to judge themselves so they are judged by no man.  And they know what it means to submit to the process of deliverance in their lives.

          We all have things in our lives that we battle.  I believe the key to those strongholds is never accepting that as my identity.  I am a spirit… that is my true identity.  I live in a body and I possess a soul.  If I don’t know that, or if I forget that then I am as one with no hope.  My bondage is not my identity.  …..My identity is in Christ and who He is not in what I’m not.  If I am fighting the good fight of faith then I have to believe that my life is a process of deliverance; and everyday my faith will bring me closer to another stronghold falling off of me. 

          Father, without faith it is impossible to please you.  Hebrews 11:6  tells us… “But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  Above everything and everyone else in our lives, we desire to please you.  Help us to face our fears with faith…knowing that your wisdom, your goodness and your power are greater than our personalities.  Therefore, we can trust you to lead us, guide us and direct us through every situation and circumstance that life hands us.  We can be confident that if we will not give up or give in, we WILL SEE OUR VICTORY!


Patiently Correct, Rebuke and Encourage

September 27, 2007

REV Central Park

The marriage of two be it people or ministries has got to be the greatest challenge one will ever face in life, but also the most rewarding. 

We are coming to the close of our first month with Rock Solid Foundations and Revolution Ministries being united as one.  It has been a great four weeks met with many challenges and opportunities to walk in love and choosing to walk in the Spirit so as not to fulfill the lust of the flesh.

My challenge has been for the past two years how to do as Paul instructed Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:2)… “Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.”  (The New Living Bible)

Faith works by love.   Our motivation no matter what when it comes to ministry is and must always be “LOVE”.  We must desire to see the people that we are called to lead reach their God-ordained destinies and go beyond where we are. 

Paul admonished Timothy to “PATIENTLY” correct, rebuke and encourage his people with good teaching.  As leaders, it must be the desire of our heart to patiently, lovingly and gently by the Holy Spirit of God,  to lead them, steer them and point them in the direction of success before God and man.

Father, today we thank you for the Apostle Paul and his example and instruction of leadership.   We ask you to perfect that part of our calling to the place that we would never injure or cripple these little ones.  We ask that you would enable us to bring healing and wholeness even in our correction.  We trust that you are leading us and anointing us to impart to them and to minister “good teaching” to them that they may impart and minister to others.  In Jesus’ Name….. Amen


September 20, 2007

     This past Saturday’s “REVOLUTION” is right up there in the top three of the best services that we’ve had.  The Drama Team out did themselves in the human video “Everything”.  When they finished people were wiping tears all across that Family Life Center (Gymnasium).   It was awesome.






Our speaker was the former Youth Pastor.  She did a great job teaching those teens and young adults that we must know God for ourselves and we must believe Isaiah 46:9-11….. He really does have us tatooed in the palm of his hand…Isaiah 49:16 in the Amplified Bible says… “Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of My hands; [O Zion] your walls are continually before Me.”


September 17, 2007

Guardian Angel Painting (Large Version)

Lizzie’s Guardian Angel

            My friend Liz invited me to her home for lunch.  I had known Liz for quite some time, but I had never been to her home.  As I walked into the living room, I could see their love for fine angel art was obvious.  The lighted curio cabinet was filled with angel figurines in many varieties, ceramic, porcelain, pottery.  They were all sizes and beautiful to say the least.  The mantel displayed angels as well as oil and watercolor paintings of angels around the room.  

       Liz took me from room to room and it was the same.  Every room displayed some form of angel art. 

            I asked Liz if there was a special reason that they had such a love for fine angel art.  She pointed to a picture on the wall and began to tell me how it started. Her Grandma and Granddad had a picture called “Guardian Angel”.  Every time she would go to visit them as a child she would sit in her Grandma’s lap and listen as Grandma told her about her Guardian Angel. 

            She would say, “Lizzie, God has assigned to you a Guardian Angel.  These angels are ministering spirits that are sent to everyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior.  There will never be a time in your life when you’re Guardian Angel won’t be there. It is because of Jesus that we have these angels in our lives.  You can always trust Jesus and His angels to be there even when no one else is there.”


September 13, 2007


     Seven months ago today I said good-bye to one of the pillars of my life….. my one and only Daddy…  He taught me about life and love in a way that no one else could have.  He wasn’t a perfect man by any means, but he was strong and in many ways just a big ol’ teddy bear.

      The last 12 years of his life were hard years.  Years that he battled his body not cooperating with him, but one thing about him, I never doubted his love.  We are a lot alike in so many ways and I know that is why at times we locked horns like we did. 

      The one thing about my Daddy is that I never doubted his love.  I may have longed for his approval at times when I didn’t get it.  I’m sure I disappointed him more times than I could count, but I never doubted his love.  That has always been a constant in my life and for that I bless the Lord.  I’m glad that his struggle has ended for him.  Although I’m very sad for us and I hate the empty part of our lives here without him.  Nothing is the same, but that’s life.  Nothing ever stays the same.  And I know this, he is in Heaven in the presence of God and in the arms of Jesus.

      Something that I’ve learned is when I really miss my Daddy, if I’ll press in to the presence of God Almighty I’m with him.  Paul said to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord.  So, if I’m in the presence of the Lord, I know that in a special way I’m with my Daddy.

     He left us a mighty legacy.  He wasn’t a perfect man, by any means, but HE WAS A FAITHFUL MAN.   That speaks volumes in and of itself.

     Father, tonight I thank you for giving me my Daddy.  He taught me so many things about life, love and you.  I bless you for the precious gift and most of all for the extra 11 days that you gave us with him…. In Jesus Name I pray that if you tarry the coming of the Lord that all of his children, grandchildren and so on and so on will be faithful first of all to you and then to the people in their lives.  Amen…

The Marriage of Two Ministries

September 11, 2007


     We are preparing this week for our monthly Revolution Service on Saturday.  This will be the first Revolution Service since Rock Solid Foundation Youth Ministries and Revolution Ministries were married at the beginning of the month.  My staff is excited and ready for whatever God wants to do.  

          I got a call this morning from one of my staff members telling me about an invitation that we got from a local youth minister for the Revolution Band and Drama Team to come to their church to minister in a concert/youth rally next month.   This is what we have been waiting on.  We have been believing God for favor in Revolution to join and knit other youth ministries with us to really impact our area and to put us with other youth ministries that want to reach outside the local body.  Now, we are beginning to see two years of hard labor pay off.  God has put together some talented, gifted and anointed people to do a work for Him. 

     My prayer today is that we can make a difference in the lives of those that we are assigned to and change our world one life at a time.

     Our second weekly Rock Solid Foundations service is tomorrow night and we are expecting good things to happen.


September 6, 2007

     It takes faith to say “YES” to any challenge.  What is faith anyway?  The writer of Hebrews tells us that, “Faith is the substance of things we hope for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Paul tells us in Galatians that, “Faith works by love.” 

     When our love for God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit is as it should be our faith will work.  It is the kind of love that trusts the divine more than the human realm.  The more we love and build our relationship with the Trinity the stronger our faith will become.

     Jesus said that every man is dealt “the measure” of faith.  A friend of mine has always said, “You are never going to have any more faith than you already have.”  The difference is in the way we build our faith.  He related it to a muscle.  The more you use it and work it out, the stronger it becomes.

     The challenge of our lives in this season is to be motivated by love to the point that our faith is stengthened.  That is how Peter walked on the water.  His love motivated Him to go to Jesus.  His faith held him up.  It was when he began to doubt that he started sinking, but he didn’t sink.  The Master was within reach and Jesus reached down and took him by the hand so that he wouldn’t sink.

     Maybe today you feel like you are sinking.  Look up, I can see Jesus reaching His hand to take yours to pull you to safety, lead you into the boat to go with you to what is waiting on the other side of the sea.

     Father, help us today to hold on to  Jesus…your Son…. the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, especially when we feel that we are sinking.  We choose today to cling to the nail scarred hand, knowing and believing that He will lift us up when we are sinking.  Then, He will help us into the boat so that we can reach the other side….. where our destiny awaits.  In the name above every name… the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth …… Amen