The Marriage of Two Ministries


     We are preparing this week for our monthly Revolution Service on Saturday.  This will be the first Revolution Service since Rock Solid Foundation Youth Ministries and Revolution Ministries were married at the beginning of the month.  My staff is excited and ready for whatever God wants to do.  

          I got a call this morning from one of my staff members telling me about an invitation that we got from a local youth minister for the Revolution Band and Drama Team to come to their church to minister in a concert/youth rally next month.   This is what we have been waiting on.  We have been believing God for favor in Revolution to join and knit other youth ministries with us to really impact our area and to put us with other youth ministries that want to reach outside the local body.  Now, we are beginning to see two years of hard labor pay off.  God has put together some talented, gifted and anointed people to do a work for Him. 

     My prayer today is that we can make a difference in the lives of those that we are assigned to and change our world one life at a time.

     Our second weekly Rock Solid Foundations service is tomorrow night and we are expecting good things to happen.


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